Hot Air Balloon Tours in Snohomish WA

Hot Air Balloon Tours in Snohomish WA

Hey, don`t forget about Over the Rainbow Balloon Flights!  Our pilots have been doing the Snohomish with their hot air balloon rides longer than anyone around – AND THAT AIN’T NO HOT AIR!

Here in western Washington we are fortunate to have some of the best summer weather in the country; perfect for hot air ballooning.  There are not many areas where you can offer both sunrise and sunset balloon flights.  For our morning balloon flights we start off meeting shortly after sunrise, around 6 am. Wow that’s early!   What a beautiful time of day.  The air is so clear which is great for taking pictures.

For evening flights we meet about 2-2 ¼ hours before sunset.  At the end of June sunset is a little after 9pm so we meet passengers at 7pm.  By the end of September sunset is around 7pm and we meet passengers at 5pm throughout the rest of the summer.  That evening meeting time changes and we update you on the meeting time when you make your reservation.

Hot Air Balloon Tours in Snohomish and Woodinville

Over the Rainbow Balloon Flights’ first summer season in western Washington was in 1987.   At that time we flew strictly in the Snohomish Valley.  Don`t get me wrong, the Snohomish is very pretty, especially that time of year.  One of the many problems was that in the summer there are many crops growing — beautiful to look at but someone`s corn, bean, alfalfa etc. is not a great landing place — just ask any farmer!  So even in the late 80`s the landing sites were limited and this limited the amount of airtime we were able to give our customers.  In the morning there would sometimes be fog from a combination of irrigation & the river which would lead to frustration for the passengers and ourselves standing around a couple of hours waiting for the fog to lift — or we would sometimes have to cancel.

This is what lead to doing more and more of our hot air balloon rides down the Wooinville way. At first the balloon flights were not any longer than the ones in Snohomish. So we eventually moved our launch sites further north of Woodinville, back up in Snohomish county (Malbty area) and then and only then were we finally able to do nice long balloon flights. Don`t forget about our 40 minute proration promise.

90% of our hot air balloon rides begin or end in Snohomish so remember Over the Rainbow Balloon Flights when your planning your outdoor adventure this summer!  Call Today 425-861-8611