Over the Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Rides near Seattle

Over the Rainbow Provides Hot Air Balloon Rides near Seattle and Snohomish WA

When you are visiting Snohomish, WA or the Seattle area and you are looking for an adventure or trip of a lifetime; you need to check out Over the Rainbow hot air balloons rides. Over the Rainbow hot air balloon rides is the best hot air balloon company near near Seattle, flying over Snohomish and Woodinville, WA. Over The Rainbow offers extraordinary scenic hot air balloon rides twice a day.

Over the Rainbow balloon company is one of, if not the largest hot air balloon ride company near the Snohomish area. They are by far the most experienced Balloon ride operator in the area and have safely operated in the Seattle area of Western Washington since 1987. Experience in this business is very important; they are not a corporate chain or national company trying to capitalize during tourist season. Over the Rainbow Hot Air Balloon ride company is privately owned and their pilots are very passionate about giving people that unique once in a lifetime experience.

Over the Rainbow Seattle Hot Air Balloon Rides.
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Over the Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Company provides balloon rides starting in late June and running through September. This time of year in Snohomish, WA is the ideal weather condition for hot air ballooning.

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride near Seattle and Snohomish WA

If you are a morning person and want to experience the sunrise by hot air balloon or if you want to end your day by romantic sunset we have the flight that is right for you. The exact meeting times are not posted because they tend to fluctuate based on sunrise and sunset. The wind is the biggest factor and the middle of the day in Snohomish is usually too windy.

The Over the Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Company near Snomhomish suggest you call about an hour or so before your scheduled hot air balloon flight to make sure the weather is favorable, confirm you meeting location, and receive any last minute instructions.

Over the Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Rides in Snohomish.
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Everyone will need to sign a waiver; this is standard in the hot air balloon industry.  Once everyone checked in with the crew and the paperwork is done, will be driven by shuttled van over to the selected launch site that the pilot has chosen based on wind direction. It takes about 15 minutes to set up the hot air balloon. Once the balloon is ready you will board for your thrilling scenic hot air balloon flight.

The flight last about 60 minutes and you will be able to relax and enjoy the views as you float effortlessly over the picturesque Sammamish Valley. Sometimes the balloon reaches upwards of 4,000 feet where you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the Seattle skyline.

As each flight is unique, because of different wind directions, we don’t know where we will land. The shuttle van has been following along on the ground. We will be in contact visually as well as by radio. The crew will pack up the equipment taking only 10 to 15 minutes, and then we will travel in the van back to the initial meeting site.

After the morning flight you’ll enjoy a traditional champagne and fruit juice toast. In the evening you will be treated to a wine tasting accompanied by light appetizers. This is an event unto itself and ballooning and wine are natural companions.

Over the Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Rides in Snohomish.
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Over the Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Company looks forward to being a part of your special day, family outing, or just a morning of relaxation.  You get your reservations today by calling 425-861-8611.