Enjoy a Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight

We meet here in Woodinville at 6am for our Seattle-Snohomish area Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flights Late June through September.

The meeting location is the Woodinville McDonalds (click here for directions)

You will want to call (425) 861-8611 a day or so before your scheduled flight to confirm your meeting time. Please be sure to phone in an hour before your meeting time for any last minute instructions and to make sure the weather and wind forecast are favorable for ballooning.

You will, of course, need to sign a waiver. Once everyone has checked in, we will shuttle you to a launch site the pilots have selected depending on current wind conditions they have observed at the time.

Once at the launch site, we will set up the balloon, which takes about 15 minutes or so. Though we have plenty of experienced crew, if you wish to assist, let us know. There are always things to be done that require no training and are not dangerous.

Then you’ll board your craft for a once in a lifetime experience. Your pilot will brief you about safety and anything you should know. Once in the air it’s time to relax and enjoy about an hour aloft while you drift effortlessly over the picturesque Sammamish Valley (home of the Matthews Estate, Chateau Ste. Michelle, Columbia & other fine wineries and the Redhook Brewery).

Some of the flight will take place up high–l,500 to 4,000 feet up where you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the Seattle skyline (easily spotting the world famous Space Needle!), Mount Rainier, Mount Baker and the mountain ranges surrounding the Puget Sound area. Also in sight are many bodies of water like Lake Washington, Lake Union and Puget Sound along with many smaller ones depending on your flight route. And you’ll spend some of your flight barely above the surface as you brush the treetops. Help yourself to the leaves for a souvenir!!

The pilot will share a fascinating story about the original balloon flight and recite the Balloonist’s Prayer. After the flight you’ll enjoy a traditional champagne and fruit juice toast.

As each flight is unique, traveling where the wind carries us, we don’t know where we will land. So the vehicle you rode in to the launch site will be following along on the ground. We will be in contact visually as well as by radio. The “chase vehicle” will be there to “catch” the balloon. The crew will pack up the equipment taking only 10 to 15 minutes. The van will take you back to the initial meeting site.

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