Hot Air Balloon Ride Prepaid Ticket

Thank You For Your Purchase of a
Hot Air Balloon Ride Ticket!

Congratulations on your purchase of a hot air balloon ride prepaid ticket.  Since this is a once in a life time event, we wish to help you make your hot air balloon ride experience as care free and memorable as possible. Here are a few notes of general information about your upcoming balloon ride near Seattle with Over the Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Ride Service.

Reservations Required

Reservations, even for prepaid flight tickets, are made on a “first come first served” basis.  We recommend making your reservations at least two weeks in advance.  Although you may plan your hot air balloon ride more ahead than this (or as little as a day or so in advance) please do not wait too long.   To make your reservation now, please print your ticket then call us at 425-487-8611 and have your ticket number available (located in the upper right hand corner of the certificate).

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(please call for your ticket number if you do not have one)

Choosing a Flight Time

Your prepaid ticket was purchased for a set amount which means you will have little options for which flight time you will be able to choose.  If the value of the ticket was for $175, you will only be able to take your hot air balloon ride on a morning (or sunrise) hot air balloon ride.  If your ticket cost was $225, then you will be taking an evening (or sunset) hot air balloon ride.  You will, however still be able to choose a location from which to fly, usually out of Snohomish, WA or out of Woodinvillle, WA.  When you call to schedule your hot air balloon ride, please discuss your meeting options for the day you desire to take your hot air balloon ride near Seattle, WA.

Dressing for Your Hot Air Balloon Ride

When getting ready to leave for your hot air balloon ride, remember to dress for the weather forecast for that day in the Seattle area. Mornings tend to be cooler, with the temperature rising quickly right after sunrise, so wear a light jacket which can be removed for comfort as it warms up.  If you are taking an evening hot air balloon ride, bring a light jacket along to put on as the temperature drops.  Aside from that, remember to wear only closed-toed shoes (no flip-flops or sandals) and no high heels.  Taking a hot air balloon ride is a sport, so it’s best to wear light, yet durable clothing to ensure your comfort and safety.

While On Your Hot Air Balloon Ride…

Please remember that, in addition to a skilled pilot, your hot air balloon ride will be affected strongly by Mother Nature.  Being at the mercy of the winds and other weather conditions, the pilot will use his training to make your hot air balloon ride safe and enjoyable.  To this end, your pilot may need to give you directions to ensure your safety and the safety of other passengers…  Please follow his directions carefully.

Thank You for Choosing Over the Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Ride Service for Seattle, WA.!

If you think of any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 425-487-8611

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