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Seattle Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Rides: $175


About Seattle at Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Rides

Seatle Sunrise Flights

Our morning Seattle hot air balloon rides are a truly wonderful way to start any day. We will meet around sunrise, when we will travel from our meeting location to a safe place to launch the hot air balloon and take you on your hot air balloon ride.  Afterwards you will enjoy a traditional story from the pilot along with a champagne toast.  In all the experience will last about 3 hours, with about 45 minutes to an hour of flight time.  Being near Seattle, you will see the Puget Sound, the Seattle skyline and the beautiful countryside around Woodinville and Snohomish, Washington.

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What Happens on Your Seattle Sunrise Balloon Ride

We will usually meet at the McDonald’s restaurant in Woodinville, WA., at about sunrise (meeting times vary throughout the year).  We transport you to the launch location for free, where you will (if you like) assist the crew in launching the balloon for your hot air balloon ride.  We usually travel from Woodinville to Snohomish, during which you will be astounded at the beauty and magnificence of the Washington countryside.

Meeting Times for Seattle Sunrise Flights

We typically fly our hot air balloons from June through September, meeting sometime around sunrise (generally about 6:15).  We will return you to your vehicle after the flight, of course at no extra charge.  Please remember that sunrise has a huge effect on the wind, so being prompt is critical… Don’t Be Late!

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Over the Rainbow Balloons

After the Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

After the balloon lands, you will be treated to a champagne and fruit juice toast, along with hearing a captivating tale of the origins of hot air ballooning.  After the toast, you will be transported back to your vehicle to enjoy the rest of your day.  As mentioned above, the whole hot air balloon ride experience lasts about three hours, so please allow sufficient time as you plan your Seattle Sunrise hot air balloon ride adventure.

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