Fun Things to do Near Snohomish WA

Fun Things to do Near Snohomish WA

Are you looking for something to do near Snohomish?

Do you want to find that one-of-kind adventure?

Check out Over the Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Rides near Snohomish WA. This is your chance to fly. The experience of a hot air balloon rides is like none other.  Since 1987 Over the Rainbow Hot Air Balloons have been operating near Seattle, Woodinville, and the Snohomish areas.

There are many of you out there today that don’t understand how hot air balloons work. Can you steer them, can you control them? Is it like letting go of a balloon when your a kid and watching it disappear into the sky? Is it safe?

Fun Things to do Near Snohomish WA

Fun Things to do Near Snohomish WA

Hot air balloons are not a practical form of transportation the are more for recreational fun. Over the Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Flights near Snohomish WA provides safe and affordable air balloon rides during the summer months.

The most important aspect about hot air ballooning is the wind. You can’t really steer a hot air balloon; it just goes as the wind blows. This is a very important thing to remember the day of your hot air balloon ride near Snohomish.  Please call two hours before to find the exact meeting location. Depending on the wind direction it will impact the launch location.

Hot air ballooning in Snohomish is a great way to enjoy the experience of flying. Some have described it as nothing they have ever experienced.

Hot air balloons are also an ingenious application of basic scientific principles. It is not rocket science (more like balloon science) on what makes the hot air balloon rise and fall.  Hot air balloons are designed to let the pilot control altitude and vertical speed. You’ll be amazed by the simple beauty of these early flying machines.

It is a very simple concept: warmer air rises in cooler air. The air in the balloon is hot and therefore is lighter than the cooler air around it. Hot air less mass per unit of volume (if you remember 6th grade science class).  Most balloons are so large because it takes about 65,000 cubic feet of hot air to lift 1000 pounds.

Hot air ballooning near Snohomish WA, is a great way to get a birds-eye-view of the world. The landscape and countryside looks much different from high up in a hot air balloon. Next time you are looking for that special adventure, family outing, or just a chance to relax, call Over The Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Rides at 425-861-8611. This will be the best hot air balloon ride anywhere in the Snohomish area.