What to Wear

A lot of people don’t know what to wear for a hot air balloon flight. Here are a few suggestions.  While most expect it to be much cooler while you are up in the air, a small amount of heat from the balloon is radiated back down. So, believe it or not, it can actually be a couple of degrees warmer inside the basket then on the ground. You will want to dress for the weather conditions on the ground that day. But we will be starting out just before the sun is up (or landing just as the sun is setting for the afternoon flights when available), so keep in mind that we will experience some temperature variations during the event.

The best thing to do is dress in layers so you can accommodate the altercations as they occur. You will probably be most comfortable in some type of walking or athletic shoes, avoiding “open” styles such as sandals or “heels” as the terrain can be uneven, rocky, moist, and have otherwise unfavorable condition for your toes.